Niels Duffhues Cineconcert

Press about Fable Dusts debut album 'The man who came in from the storm' (2015)
Gonzo Circus - 'Pure guitar music that invites stillness and contemplation.'
OOR magazine - ' It's beautiful, when he switches tunings, travels off to the east, starts a sample or a theme that could be by Ennio Morcione in a jazzy way.'
Rifraf - eight hypnotizing (guitar) soundscapes wherein field recordings, original effects and live-sampling are woven into each other. Sultry record.
Vital Weekly - The recording quality is very warm here (perhaps also due to the fact that this on vinyl, just as purists would love such a thing) and each of these pieces is a small film by itself. Excellent record, quite moody and textured, but also with shimmering lights.
Muziekwereld - The pieces are spheric soundscapes wherein the sound of a single guitartone evoces mysterious awe.

Previous Fable Dust performances:
12-11-17: Den Bosch (NL), November Music - filmconcert premiere new films
10-11-17: Tilburg (NL), Kunstmaan - Fable Dust/filmconcert
14-10-17: Helmond (NL), Bibliotheek/Nacht van cultuur - Fable Dust/filmconcert
15-09-17: Eindhoven (NL), Sociale Dienst - Fable Dust/filmconcert
09-09-17: Bergen op ZooM (NL), Popmonument - Fable Dust/filmconcert
27-08-17: Venray (NL), Schijt a/d grens festival - Fable Dust/filmconcert
26-08-17: Venray (NL), Schijt a/d grens festival - Fable Dust/filmconcert
10-09-17: Nijmegen (NL), Festival de Oversteek - Fable Dust/filmconcert
09-09-17: Bergen op Zoom (NL), Popmonument - Fable Dust/filmconcert
30-06-17: Helmond (NL), Cacaofabriek - Fable Dust/filmconcert
16-06-17: Vorden (NL), Manana Manana - Fable Dust/filmconcert
02-06-17: Heusden (NL), Jonosh - Fable Dust/filmconcert
15-04-17: Deventer (NL), LOS festival - Fable Dust
29-10-16: Breda (NL), Stek - Fable Dust
22-10-16: Leeuwarden (NL), Into the Void - Fable Dust
19-10-16: Tilburg (NL), Little Devil - Fable Dust
15-10-16: Nice (FR), La Zonmé/CCM - Fable Dust
14-10-16: Grasse (FR), CCM - Fable Dust
11-06-16: Eindhoven (NL), Psych Lab - Fable Dust
10-04-16: Eindhoven (NL), Artspace Flipside - Fable Dust
05-03-16: Nijmegen (NL), Merleyn - Fable Dust
17-10-15: Tilburg (NL), Paradox - Fable Dust
11-07-15: Nijmegen (NL), De Kaaij - Fable Dust
30-05-15: Den Bosch (NL), Artuarium - Fable Dust
04-04-15: Nice (FR), Easter In The Sun Festival - Fable Dust
28-03-15: Breda (NL), Stek - Fable Dust
08-03-15: Bergen op Zoom (NL), Gebouw T - Fable Dust
05-03-15: Tilburg (NL), Hall of fame - Fable Dust
04-03-15: Utrecht (NL), ACU - Fable Dust
21-02-15: Veghel (NL), CHV Noordkade - Fable Dust
17-01-15: Eindhoven (NL), Onomatopee - Fable Dust
08-01-15: Den Bosch (NL), W2 Poppodium - Fable Dust